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cloud_postShouldn’t food be made with just FOOD ingredients? If this is true, then why does almost every food product in the super market today contain ingredients that are not FOOD? Most packaged food in the supermarket are loaded with chemicals and do we stop to wonder if these chemicals are really benefitting us, the consumer? If food is our body’s FUEL, the elixir that nourishes us and keeps us running like a well-oiled machine, should we be adding chemicals to maximize shelf life? Would we buy a carrot that is injected with chemicals to preserve the freshness? If not, then why do we buy packaged food that is packed with chemicals to preserve freshness?


Image source: ?jonbarron.org

We are not soldiers in a battlefront, disconnected from any access to fresh food and yet we still buy food that can last forever. Canned food was developed during World War I to optimize shelf life so troops could have access to food for an extended period of time. The intent was certainly not to optimize nutrition. No wonder we need so many multi vitamins to nourish us today. Studies suggest that fresh and frozen foods are far more nutritious than canned food.

To quote Michael Pollen, author of the Omnivores dilemma, the best thing you can do for your health is cook from scratch. The next best thing you could do is choosing foods that are made with whole food ingredients vs. food that is made with pre-processed foods like pastes, purees, and canned tomatoes.

Be aware of what you are compromising for convenience. Food is our FUEL and thus deserves attention and care. Fresh food is good food. Choose wisely!