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I am a big proponent of eating fresh and cooking at home. I have always used fresh ingredients in my home cooking, as that is what I grew up with. I never had to look for bottled or canned ingredients. However, I recently learned lemon/lime juice is a natural preservative.

Based on my newfound knowledge I went to look for bottled lime juice, in my mind I assumed since lime juice is a natural preservative, it should have only LIME JUICE. However, to my surprise the two bottles that I looked at were loaded with preservatives:

Here is the ingredient list for the two bottles of lime juice:

1. Water, Concentrated lime juice, sulphites, sodium benzoate, lime oil

2. Natural lime juice made from concentrate, lime oil, preserved with Sulphur dioxide

Shouldn’t lime juice be just LIME JUICE?

Even if we don’t buy bottled lime/lemon juice and we do buy shelf-stable naturally preserved products that use lime or lemon juice as a preservative, we are getting these chemicals in our food. Food manufacturers do not have to declare the components of the ingredient if it contributes less than 10% of the weight of the product. Unfortunately, there is no labelling regulations around declaring Fresh or bottled lime juice but most likely if it is a product of mass manufacturing it will use bottled lime juice for efficiency purposes.

Choose fresh, clean products. Know who is making your food. Food is our Fuel, choose wisely!