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We at GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD are very excited to announce our partnership with Samsara Fields a certified organic farm in Waterford, Ontario to produce our vegetables. JP and So Young, founders of Samsara Fields are amazing at what they do. I met JP and So Young at the Montgomery’s Inn Farmer’s Market and was immediately drawn by their passion to grow food using organic methods. They are artists turned farmers and very unique in a lot of ways.

Food tastes so much better when it has not travelled hundreds of miles to get to our table. Thus, we are excited to source local and certified organic produce for our fresh simmer sauces and spreads. Despite Ontario’s small harvest window, we are hoping to take full advantage of this opportunity and expect to start using Samsara Fields grown produce in our foods in early July.

The GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD team visited Samsara Fields in May to celebrate this partnership. It was such an amazing experience. JP and So Young were gracious hosts and also let us do some hoeing on the farm. It was my very first attempt at hoeing and I must admit it is not easy! This experience made me appreciate all the hard work organic farmers have to do so we can eat safe food. Kudos to all the FARMERS who hoe for days to get rid of weeds vs. spraying herbicides. I really recommend a farm visit where you can try farm work (instead of fruit/vegetable picking) to really appreciate the effort that goes into growing our food. Food is our Fuel and organic farmers make sure it stays chemical free for us.