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Health Strategist and Good Food Evangelist.
This month’s Good Food Hero, Marni Wasserman, is really passionate about nutrition. Marni is a holistic nutritionist who wants to share with everyone the wealth of information that she has gained through her education and rich personal experience with food. She is a chef, nutritionist, writer and public speaker.

Marni Wassarman is a culinary nutritionist and health strategist and owner of Toronto’s first plant-based food studio and lifestyle shop. She enjoys teaching people how food can be delicious yet simple through consultations, cooking classes, retreats and workshops. Marni is also the author of Plant- Based diet for Dummies, a great book for everyone thinking of adapting a plant based lifestyle.

Marni always had an interest in food and cooking and after her education in Holistic nutrition and culinary arts she decided to embark on this new venture to educate more people about what she has learned and experienced. She loves the learning aspect and spends hours staying on top of the most current nutrition trends. Marni also enjoys speaking directly to people about good food and how small lifestyle changes can have a big impact on life.

Marni envisions her studio to become a self-sustaining venture in next few years. She is also working on exciting new books to enrich us with the wealth of information she has acquired over the years. She plans to have a TV Show and also presence in her favourite country Costa Rica.

Marni really wants to see local and organic food become more accessible to all. As people become more aware of clean and organic foods she hopes clean products will become mainstream and products loaded with toxic chemicals will become a thing of the past. Amen to that! I have personally witnessed a lot of change in last 5 years, more and more people are choosing to eat clean and support local. So many new entrepreneurs are solely focusing on making it convenient for us to eat real food without the use of any chemicals.

Marni’s Studio is available to rent for a variety of occasions from private events, bachelorette parties to cooking classes. She has also recently partnered with Fresh to teach recipes from Fresh restaurant. You can find all information about Marni Wasserman on her website

Marni shared a couple of her favourite recipes for spring that are ideal to satisfy our craving for salads in the warmer days ahead. These amazing plant based salads are packed with not only good protein but also amazing flavours!

Black Bean Salad Quinoa Tabbouleh
Black Bean Salad Quinoa Tabbouleh

I wish Marni all the best in her future endeavours – we need more people like Marni to spread the word about good food and healthy living!