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Be The Change

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi inspired me to start Good Food For Good!

When I was frustrated and couldn’t find any thing clean and delicious that I could use to make a quick meal and feed my family on busy nights, this quote inspired me to take action. Good Food For Good was created to make it easy for people like me, who seek to feed their families real, whole food but struggle every night to prepare delicious and healthy meal in minutes that the whole family could enjoy.

I also used this opportunity to create an organization that stands for something beyond it’s products and profits. An organization that stands for social change! I didn’t stop at GOOD FOOD I really wanted it to be FOR GOOD. Since I discovered TOMS shoes in 2008 during my Entrepreneurship class in MBA I have been wanting to start something that matters. I had several ideas but nothing felt as right as Good Food For Good. After all what’s better than one solution that could fix two problems? Good Food For Good not only makes a positive difference in your plate through healthy, delicious, organic yet convenient food it makes a positive difference in lives of someone in need by donating a meal with each purchase.