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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil – the real deal!

I come from a culture where coconut oil was used readily almost in everything and almost On everything (i.e skin, hair etc). However, just like any other youth growing up in a developing country I always considered these traditional methods…TRADITIONAL. I would argue for hours with my mom on why a branded fragrent lotion that is loaded with chemicals is better than her coconut oil. Who knew that few years down the line I will be going back to my roots and not only using what my mother used but also advocating on why its good for you.

I use Extra Virgin organic Coconut oil by Cocovie Naturals in Good Food For Good Coconut Curry, It not only adds amazing fragrance and flavour to the sauce but it adds a ton of nutrients making it super Good for your health!

Wondering what are those health benefits? Here is a list of top health benefits of coconut oil:

1. Coconut oil contains a lot of medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently and can have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders.

2. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase 24 hour energy expenditure by as much as 5%, potentially leading to significant weight loss over the long term.

3. The fatty acids and breakdown products in coconut oil can kill harmful pathogens, potentially helping to prevent infections.

4. Studies in both humans and rats show that coconut oil improves important risk factors like Total, LDL and HDL cholesterol, which may translate to a reduced risk of heart disease.

5. Studies show that the fatty acids in coconut oil can increase blood levels of ketone bodies, supplying energy for the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients and relieving symptoms.

Source: Eat Local Grown