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Good Food for you and Food for someone in

I have a super exciting news to share. Last week we found out that our cooking sauces are good for 52 weeks in the fridge. It has been quiet a journey from the time I started testing these sauces almost a year ago.

When I was still creating recipes I was told by the food scientist I was consulting that if I don’t have a pH of under 4 they cannot estimate for how long my sauces will be good for in the fridge. They recommended that I test week after week to figure out how long they will last. For those who don’t know every time I test I spend a few hundred dollars.

Over a year ago I tested the sauces for 12 weeks and after a few thousand dollars spent I was told my sauces are perfectly fine for 12 weeks. So I started selling sauces with a 12 week best before date.

When you are not an expert in food science or production you tend to rely on experts and I had assumed that my sauces would not be good after 12 weeks at all. However, future had something else in store for me. Sometime in early spring I met a food entrepreneur who hinted that my sauces should last much longer and I should test them periodically. That was the first time someone from the industry gave me hope that my sauces can last a good amount of time without any preservatives. So I started the testing cycle again, this time testing the sauces at a few months’ interval instead of every week.

By late summer I discovered my sauces could last for 26 weeks so I extended the best before dates to 26 weeks and that really helped me in managing production. Last week we sent the sample out for testing that was produced a year ago, the test results came in this week and I am so thrilled to share with you that without the preservatives or pressure canning Good Food for Good Sauces are good for a whole year in the refrigerator.