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I am honoured that Futureprenuer chose to share my story as part of their new campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Two years ago, my need to provide a good meal to my family and frustration with additive loaded food-like-products (that saved time but forced a compromise on food quality) culminated in the launch of Good Food for Good. I was so inspired by social enterprises like TOMS shoes that I wanted to make giving an integral part of the business model. It was the business model or I should say values behind it that gave us the idea for it’s name – Good For for Good.

I am so grateful for the support from my family, especially my husband, in pursuing what at times seemed like a crazy idea. I also can’t thank enough the people I met in this entrepreneurial journey who believed in me and real food and supported me unconditionally. People say entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but so far I have not felt alone. Thanks to this invisible net of supporters.

Hope you enjoy this short video created by Howie Cheng for Futureprenuer Canada.