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I met Janet, founder of Rainbow Plate at a networking event a few months ago and instantly fell in love with what she is trying to do. I admire her passion for eating healthy and education. Especially to a generation that is still innocent and is ready to form new concepts.

I personally think this should be part of the school curriculum!

Describe in your words what Rainbow Plate is?

Rainbow Plate is a fresh approach to food education.We deliver evidence-based, interactive food education programs to children, parents, educators and health practitioners.Put simply, we help people to relax around food.We use rainbows of real food to spark imaginations, change behaviour and cultivate lifelong healthy eating habits. We make healthy eating simple and fun.

Our goal is to engage children as young as possible, and to continue interacting with them, as they grow through different ages and stages. At every step of the way, our fun and flavourful programs expose kids to rainbows of fresh, healthy foods and get them exploring using all of their senses. We’ll spark their imagination, expand their palates and help them to cultivate a lasting love of fabulous food.

We bring our field-trip like workshops to child care centres, schools, camps, hospitals and community centres.

What inspired you to start Rainbow plate

I am a mom of three and a lifelong educator with degrees in Nutrition and Health Promotion.  After years as an academic instructor, teaching the science of nutrition, I was struck by a single yet powerful thought: “When it comes to nourishing our bodies well, there’s nothing really new! People don’t need more nutrition information – they need to put the simple concepts into action; to get back to enjoying real food. The place to start is with kids; to help them develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food.”

This was the seed that sprouted into Rainbow Plate.

In the past three years this idea has grown into a vibrant community. My team has quadrupled, the Rainbow Food Education Foundation has been incorporated to support this innovative programming. Our programs have been delivered in dozens of schools, child care centres, camps, health care and community organizations; all who have been inspired by this simple and colourful approach to eating well.

What is your vision for Rainbow plate in the near future?

My vision is to align Rainbow Plate and the Rainbow Food Education Foundation with (innovative, extraordinary, visionary, food-loving) people and organizations that value children’s health, innovative approaches to education and community development. We hope to expand our programs and our team of Rainbow Ambassadors, so that we can reach more children across Canada. We are also actively seeking funding and support in order to enable the development of a “train-the-trainer” program for dieticians and other educators and health professionals, so that they can put our approach into action.

What is your vision for Food in Canada in Canada?

Our vision is a future where all Canadian kids have access to healthy food and can make the choices that nourish their bodies well for life.

Want to know more about Rainbow Plate? Follow this link to their website.