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Good Food For Good sauces are made with Fresh vegetablesI have always used only fresh vegetables in our cooking sauces. I did that for a few reasons:

  1. Sauces made with Fresh ingredients taste much better.
  2. Eating whole tomatoes with peel increases the bioavailability of Lycopene by 75% – Lycopene is the antioxidant in Tomato that helps fight free radicals and helps in prevention and cure of many diseases. Lycopene is the reason one should be eating a Tomato. Even though Lycopene is more bioavailable when tomato is cooked, It’s bioavailability goes up by 75% when cooked with the peal. And all canned tomatoes have their peel removed.
  3. When you are buying fresh vegetables you pick the best once – Not sure what state vegetables are in when they go for mass production/canning
  4. BPA in can linings – New study shows that 86% of canned products in Canada still have BPA in the lining. BPA has been known to be a hormone disrupter.

Even though its much harder to deal with fresh ingredients – sourcing/processing in this part of the world. I am glad I made that call. Food is our Fuel and we are what we eat. Shouldn’t we feed ourselves the best we can?