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monday motivation-3
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Last week I asked my amazing team to send me a quote that inspires them. To me the words that inspire us say a lot about who we are, I want you all to know us as we know each other. This is the beginning of the series where my team and I will share the quotes that inspire us and drive us to do what we do.
Today’s quote is by Alexandra Daugherty, our Holistic Nutritionist extrodinnaire at Good Food For Good and also Turmeric Teas.
I was so happy to see Alexandra’s quote, as our whole business is based on this philosophy. You will not find any ingredient in our food that our great-great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
Don’t eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food” – Michael Pollan
This quote inspires me because although we live in a fast paced world, we should always take the time to cook and eat wholesome, nutrient filled meals. In today’s world we are constantly overworking, running late, texting, calling, being social media queens, meeting deadlines etc. With our lives filled with constant demands and little time for ourselves, we are quick to turn to convenient, fast foods. These kinds of “foods” are everywhere from drive-thrus, frozen dinners to instant mashed potatoes in aisle 6 at your grocery store. As convenient and cheap as these foods can be, they aren’t actually REAL food! All these foods are made up of preservatives, chemical ingredients, artificial colours and flavours and are designed for long shelf-life. Real food is food that nourishes and fuels our body with rich nutrients and allows us to always be at the peak of our mental and physical capabilities.
Blog post by Alexandra Daugherty, Holistic Nutritonist