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What’s In Your Ketchup?

Alexandra Daugherty, CNP • Holistic Nutritionist


Photo by: Tim D

It’s still spring, but with temperatures in Toronto peaking above 25 C it’s definitely feels a lot like summer weather. But hey- I’m not complaining and hope you aren’t either. With warmer and hotter days among us it only means one thing – it’s BBQ season! Whether you’re grilling meats or plant-based recipes, one condiment that is always a necessity for BBQ meals, is ketchup!


Ketchup is a classic and all-time favorite condiment, especially for children. Although a family favorite and a kitchen staple, most ketchup companies on the market these days are loaded with junk. Heinz Ketchup contains the following ingredients tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, salt, spice, onion powder and natural flavoring. Did you know distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup are all corn based ingredients from genetically modified corn? It makes you wonder how many tomatoes Heinz Ketchup really uses to make this classic condiment even with all those corn based ingredients. Genetically modified corn is something you must stay away from and avoid as it is grown with toxic pesticides and chemicals. What about “natural flavouring”? According to Canada Food Inspection Agency “natural flavouring” are substances, which impart flavors, which have been derived from a plant or animal source, may be claimed to be “natural”. In other words, natural flavouring is created by a scientist and consists of a chemical originated from a plant or animal source, but to which it is further enhanced. Natural flavour is a great way for food companies to hide ingredients, as natural flavour can be made up of more than 100 chemicals! Solvents, emulsifiers, flavor modifiers and preservatives can all be ingredients under the umbrella term “natural flavouring”. It’s also sneaky way to hide sugar in food products. So aside from all the sugar in high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, Heinz Ketchup probably has even more sugar hiding away in the ingredients list as “natural flavouring”. This explains the whopping 4 grams of sugar per 1 tablespoon in Heinz Ketchup. When was the last time you limited yourself to a tablespoon serving of ketchup? If you calculate all the ketchup you use to slather your burger and dip your fries in, you likely wind up consuming 16 grams or more of sugar in just one sitting!

Ketchup ingredients

So what’s a great alternative to your family classic condiment? Good Food for Good Ketchup! Yes, you can still enjoy the great sweet tasting ketchup with over 80% fresh, wholesome organic ingredients, like organic tomato paste, fresh organic onions and garlic. But what about sugar? It’s sweetened with dates and not refined sugar, making it only 1gram of sugar per serving! So keep the family favorite condiment around for the BBQ season, as Good Food for Good Ketchup is sure to be a delicious delight for the whole family to enjoy!