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I have finally solved the mystery of mushy enchiladas! I love enchiladas and love fresh corn tortillas. However, almost every time I tried to bake them they would start falling apart while serving. I always thought it’s my tortillas, but I have finally solved the mystery now.

I was reading Chef Rick Bayless book on Mexican cooking and there it was. No wonder the Enchiladas served in good Mexican restaurants never fall apart even when they use fresh corn tortillas.So here is the scoop, simple method to make perfect Enchiladas.

Tortillas are quick fried and drained before saucing them with delicious Enchilada sauce. This process makes them soft and easy to handle. In a flat bottom pan heat about 2 tbsp oil, when its hot add one Tortilla at a time and quick fry for a few seconds just to get the tortilla to become soft and pliable. Once tortillas are soft, fill them with your favourite stuffing, space them and serve. If you think the dish is not warm enough, put it in the oven just to heat, baking will result in tortillas that fall apart.