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Did you know there’s 2 grams of sugar per single fast food-style packet of ketchup? And we all can admit that just 1 ketchup packet is never nearly enough for our burgers and hotdogs. And let’s not forget about how we love to dip our fries in ketchup, totalling up to a whopping good amount of unnecessary sugar. So how does Good Food for Good sweetened their ketchup? With nature’s own natural sugar.

GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD Ketchup, Sweetened with Dates - Moms you're welcome


Dates are the fruit of palm trees. Palm trees are the most ancient cultivated tree in the world, originating from the Middle East. Some palm trees grow coconuts, while other palm trees grow just dates in large clusters. Dates also come in different varieties, from very sweet and pillow soft to medium-sweet and chewy. Medjool dates are the most popular kind of dates and are easily available at health food stores and grocery stores. Not only are  dates “nature’s candy”, they are full of nutrients. Potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and vitamin B6 are all packed into this sweet candy-like fruit! Dates are also great in helping keep your bowel movements regular because they are rich in soluble fibre. Soluble fibre foods are essential for digestive health. Next time you’re looking for natural constipation relief, grab a couple of dates. Not only do dates provide a healthier but satisfying alternative to sugar, it also has amazing benefits that we can all use in our diet. This is why Good Food for Good decided to swap out refined sugar for dates in not only their ketchup but all the cooking sauces too. Good Food for Good Ketchup is a truly a delightful alternative to leading ketchup companies. You can’t beat a ketchup that is made with real food ingredients and sweetened with dates!

Alexandra Daugherty, CNP •  Holistic Nutritionist