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If you love ketchup but don’t want the sugar, we have a delicious, healthy and guilt-free solution for you!

A high sugar diet has been identified as the number one cause of diabetes as well as many other diseases. Even when you are avoiding sugary drinks and candy you can still consume a large amount of added sugar through everyday items like bread, spreads, sauces and condiments.

New government research shows that when it comes to packaged foods and beverages sold in Canada, two of every three items contain added sugar of some kind.

1 tbsp (15ml) serving of the leading ketchup has 4g of sugar. The truth is no one stops at 1tbsp….

We have a solution

Good Food For Good No Added Sugar Ketchup, paleo, keto, whole30 approved, delicious

We have a solution, a delicious ketchup that is sweetened exclusively with dates and has ¼ the amount of sugar as compared to the leading ketchup brand. 1g of sugar(from dates) per tbsp as compared to 4g of sugar per tbsp found in the leading ketchup brand. Beyond this our ketchup is made in Toronto, certified organic, contains zero additives or preservatives and feeds a person in need with every bottle sold.

We started out selling directly to moms, and they loved it so much that we’ve taken it to many retailers across Canada. So you can enjoy that summer BBQ.