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Today is the first day of School!  I dropped all the resolutions I started in January by end of spring, so I want to give them a new chance starting today. After all September is the new January! There are many habits that I want to incorporate – list is endless and instead of trying to start all of them together I am going to take a phased approach. This is the beginning – Gratitude Mondays or Tuesdays or any other weekday!

There are many things and people that I am grateful for in this life and I want to take out time and tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life. Today I want to express my gratitude for Lisa Borden – friend, mentor, well-wisher…..don’t know where to stop when it comes to Lisa. And I guarantee I am not the only one who feels like this about her.

CE2EgWNWIAAWwxe.jpg-largeLisa came in my life in 2014 when I was launching Good Food For Good and has been there since. She is a consultant, a connector,  a believer and a supporter of all things GOOD and founder of Borden Communications. Her website has a useful list for anyone who is trying to live mindfully. From the safe deodorant brands to essentials for a vegan -bbq.

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Lisa has helped several businesses that are trying to do good and make a difference. You can find stories of several “do good” entrepreneurs on her blog series IWM-Interviews with Mosquitoes

Lisa is also the author of The Alphabet of Avoidance and has co-authored a beautiful book with her daughter Joey called The Tale of Kale. Must read for all the picky eaters and their families!


I can’t thank Lisa enough for all the love and support throughout this journey. For keeping me in mind and sharing any new opportunity that she thought would help me. Last but not the least keeping me inspired through her very timely “quotes”.

Thank you Lisa!