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Intuitively it makes sense that we eat the food of our ancestors who sourced their foods directly from the earth. However, modern stressful times have seen us move away from this wisdom as we come to grips with our rapidly changing lifestyles and cultures. At no other time in history have we progressed so violently forward with technology and science in the name of “progress”.

Problem is, our bodies have not managed to get caught up. The failure to adapt to our increasingly stressful lifestyles, toxic environment and highly processed food options has major implications for our health.  Although some of these factors are out of our control, what we put into our bodies is definitely our conscious choice.  What we eat makes a powerful statement about who we are, how we both honor ourselves and this wonderful earth we live on – each and every day. Eating well is a form of self love.

Traditional food guru Sally Fallon author of Nourishing Traditions is seen as a world leader in guiding us back to our natural roots. Sally gained much of her knowledge from the Western Price Foundation and its study of traditional cultures.  Price, a dentist in the 1930’s, travelled the world to examine hundreds of traditional communities.  When he compared the traditional communities with cultures who had been civilised, he found that those using white flour, processed foods and refined sugars became more susceptible to disease. The percentage of dental issues rose to 25% to 50% compared to less than 6% in traditional communities.

The empty calories found in our processed foods also lead to an excess of energy intake and has a major impact on obesity rates in our society. In the interest of our mental and physical health and that of our children it makes perfect sense to always try and eat as close to a whole food diet as possible.

Good Food For Good Easy Dinner Ideas, Masala Daal - Curried Red Lentils, The Power Of Eating Traditional Foods Here is a link to some tasty and easy to prepare traditional recipes by Good Food For Good that work perfectly after a busy day on the go, so easy in fact that you will be able to sustain them as part of your ongoing family meal plan.