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In our previous blog we’ve learnt about sugars super addictive qualities and how its Advanced Glycation End products harm our body systems. Science has also now taught us that it lights up the same parts of the brain as heroine and cocaine and that our drive to eat it is driven by the release of the addictive hormone called Dopamine (Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2008). So how exactly do we kick this habit? What can the experts tell us regarding the easiest way to detox from this daily habit that most of us have had or still have? We love what renowned female hormone expert Dr. Sarah Gottfried MD has to suggest. She uses this protocol with her patients with much success for resetting insulin levels and getting hormones back on track. Just four days should do the trick!

1. Eliminate added sugar, fructose, honey, brown sugar, all artificial sweeteners maple syrup and molasses, diet sodas, fruit juices, lemonade and alcohol. e.g sucralose (Splenda) – aspartame.
2. Limit carbohydrate intake to slow carbohydrates only and not many of them i.e only carbohydrate foods in their whole food format with their fibre intact e.g sweet potatoes with their skins.
3. Make sure to eat protein with every meal – try for 4-6 oz.
4. Don’t deprive yourself of some fruits. Eating one half cup of low glycemic fruit eg berries, avocado, or olives works best.
5. Try and make what you eat the highest quality most nutrient dense organic food that you can.
6. Start eating probiotic foods. Remember your gut is your second brain and if good bacteria occupy your gut it will be easier to eliminate your cravings. Try for unpasteurized versions of fermented foods found at your local health store in the refrigerator section will have active cultures. Examples of these fermented foods include kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles. There are also many available probiotic supplements available, and if you take this route it is best to take these with a pre-biotic formula for maximum effect.