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The secret is in the sauce!

We were recently featured again in The Canadian Grocer! The Canadian magazine reaches readers across the country, and features new product launches and industry trends.

Did you know that Good Food For Good is not legally allowed to call our product “Ketchup”? Instead, we must call our product a “Ketchup Style Sauce.” This is because The Canadian Food Inspection Agency doesn’t accept dates as a sweetening agent in traditional Ketchup! The Ketchup Style Sauce is already making waves in the food industry (mouthfull I know), and it is unique in the Ketchup category in Canada. It is a fan favourite among our customers, so much so that we created a spicy version!

Our new campaign tackles added sugar in everyday foods head on. It highlights ketchup-friendly food items such as French fries and hot dogs, and replaces the Ketchup that usually goes on the side with desserts high in refined sugar, such as licorice sticks and jelly beans. A standard serving of Ketchup (1 tablespoon) actually contains MORE sugar than a standard cookie.

Luckily, Good Food For Good Ketchup contains no added sugar – and is only sweetened with one date! You will literally want to date it!

Check out the feature here:

Taking on the ketchup giants, one date at a time

And make sure to check out our awesome campiagn: