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I wanted to take you on the journey behind the scenes of when we pitched our line of Organic, keto ketchups to when it aired. I will be posting updates on this blog about what happened post airing Oct 31st 2019.

One fine day in Feb 2019 we received an email from the producers at the Dragon’s Den, inviting us to audition in March. March was a busy month for us with all the trade shows but we managed to be available for the last date in Toronto.

I convinced my darling daughter to join me and we saw it as an adventure, so audition was more like a conversation with the producers..

Producers loved how on trend our product was and the values our business is built on. They were blown away when we told them about the amount of sugar there is in regular Ketchups and BBQ Sauces. 1 serving of Heinz ketchup has more sugar than 1 chips Ahoy cookie!!!!

They fell in love with the taste!

We just made a day out of it! Went out for dinner, had fun downtown


Good Food For Good Dragon's Den Keto Ketchup Pitch —rhea+richa

Good Food For Good - Dragon's Den Keto Ketchup Pitch

Few weeks later producers reached out to us that they would want to pitch us in front of dragon’s in May 2019. We were beyond excited for this opportunity.

Rhea and I got even the same haircut for the PITCH.

We practiced our walk, our lines a few days before and that day too while waiting for our turn at CBC studios.

On the day we were filming Dragon’s Den at CBC studios I felt like I was chasing the time. We had to set up the table, with dates, our organic no added sugar Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Whole30 approved ketchups, accessories some fun props and signs and also prepare the samples. Something that I didn’t realize was how much behind the scene we had to shoot while doing the prep. Between answering all the questions on camera to setting up the table to preparing the samples I was exhausted.


Learning: Have more help and have them do the whole set up so you can be more focused on camera.

Good Food For Good Keto Ketchup at Dragon's Den, Behind the Scenes

All of a sudden, it was time to enter the den. I felt blood rush to my heart and my brain went blank. I have realized now that’s my natural response to public speaking J

As we were walking up the stairs to enter the bridge we were asked questions on how we are feeling and to be honest I had no answer, my brain just stopped working.

I was so happy to have Rhea, my inspiration for this venture by my side. I was so surprised by how confident and calm she was before and during the pitch. So proud of my little partner!

She was the reason I created food that was clean, organic, no added sugars and additives because our future deserves better. When I started the venture I had not heard of Keto or paleo or whole30. I made the sauces for people like myself who didn’t want to have the hidden sugars or ingredients that are not like food. I am just grateful that more and more people believe in the same basic clean ingredients, no sugar food in these diets as well.

We received a very positive feedback in Dragon’s Den from all 5 dragons and were really grateful for the opportunity. Rest to be seen in the episode that airs on October 31st at 9pm on CBC.

We got another surprise while we were shooting that we have been nominated for the Good Spark program by @Desjardins for our social mission and goal to feed 1 Million by 2020. We will see the results on October 31st as well!

I will be writing a follow up blog on what happened next after we faced the Dragons on Halloween!


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