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Today’s recipe is a DELICIOUS Vegan Pumpkin Seed Lettuce Wrap.  I love eating this dish because it leaves you full, yet light and fresh! Lettuce wraps are a nutritious substitute for a tortilla base, perfect for Whole30 and Paleo dietsLETTUCE begin the recipe!


Why You Should Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants that may help protect against disease and reduce inflammation. They are also high in magnesium, which is important for blood pressure, blood sugar levels, as well as heart and bone health. Nutrients in pumpkin seeds also may help keep your heart healthy by reducing blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol (Healthline). A 28g serving of pumpkin seeds has 7g of protein, 5 g of carbohydrate and 13g of good fats (6 of which are omega-6s), this is why I like to sneak them in in a lot of my recipes. Consider adding pumpkin seeds to your meals!


Base: Iceberg lettuce

Sofrito Filling (view blog here):


  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Lime
  • Pickled Onions
  • Microgreens



Prepare Sofrito filling:

  1. Coarsely grind pumpkin seeds in a grinder.If you don’t have a grinder, you can use a mortar and pestle.
  2. Dice red onion and saute with pumpkin seeds on a pan under medium heat . 
  3. Pour in 1 jar of Good Food For Good Spicy Taco Sauce. Fill the empty Good Food For Good jar halfway with water and pour. Add salt to taste and mix.Let simmer for 5 minutes.



  1. Rinse and pat dry iceberg lettuce. Carefully separate leaves and arrange on serving plate.
  2. Put 1 spoon of pumpkin seed filling on each lettuce leaf.
  3. Layer with guacamole, salsa, pickled onions and microgreens. Squeeze lime over taco to taste.


And that’s a wrap!



View Good Food For Good Spicy Taco Sauce here.

Good Food For Good-Spicy Taco-product