We are a young food company with the heart to tackle an age-old problem!

GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD stands for “good food” and “good business.” We believe food should be made with only real ingredients found in a kitchen. We also believe that the goal of a business is more than just the pursuit of profit. All of our food is handmade in Toronto using fresh, whole and mostly organic ingredients. Our food contains absolutely no additives, preservatives, powders, extracts or concentrates. We also strive to source as much local ingredients as possible and have partnered with local farmers to source certified organic produce during the Ontario growing season.


Make a positive difference in the world, one meal at a time. Buy 1 Feed 1


  1. Help Canadians enjoy world foods at home without compromising quality for convenience
  2. Help solve world hunger


Bridge the gap between quality and convenience and between consumption and giving.

Our Team

Richa Gupta | Good Food for Good
Richa Gupta is the Founder of GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD and a creative foodie and ardent believer in real food. Richa launched GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD, a social enterprise, after experiencing immense dissatisfaction with the current food system. She felt that today’s packaged food has forced us to compromise quality for convenience and wanted to recreate food the way it should be and used to be – pure and simple. Richa started the company with the vision to make a difference in the world by offering good food to people who can afford it and donating food to people who cannot. Richa has over 10 years of experience in Consumer Food Products, Retail and Fashion industries and holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. She lives in Toronto with her husband Prashant Dube and a 7 year old princess named Rhea.

Anastasia Kemp | Good Food for Good
Anastasia Kemp is a Brand Ambassador at GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD. In her spare time she advocates for Fairtrade and Cruelty-Free companies. She has a strong belief in supporting fresh, local, and sustainable products because she believes they are the backbone for a sustainable future. Supporting these causes are an important part of her healthy living lifestyle. When she isn’t cooking dishes inspired by the cultural diversities of the world for her family she enjoys discovering new local restaurants in Toronto with her sister. Anastasia is majoring in Community Development and Policy Studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Nicole Harvey | Good Food for Good
Nicole Harvey is the Business Development Manager of GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD. Prior to joining the team, Nicole spent a year abroad pursuing her masters in Sustainability Leadership in a small city in the South of Sweden. Her decision to live and study a broad was catalyzed by her desire to further integrate the values of sustainability into her life. Nicole is a self-proclaimed foodie, continuously looking for delicious recipes and restaurants to try with friends and family. She seeks to support conscientious businesses and brands that strive to make the world a better place. Nicole has 2 years of CPG sales experiences and holds a HBA from the Ivey Business School and a Bachelor of Science from Western University.



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