Our Story

When love for great taste, meets quest for clean ingredients & giving back to the world.


At Good Food for Good, we make our food with organic ingredients and ensure it is free of gluten, soy, corn, refined sugars, dairy, preservatives or any other ingredients you wouldn’t add if you were cooking yourself. That’s not all, every time you buy any of our products, we donate a meal to feed someone in need. We are a Buy One, Feed One venture.

We are a B Corp Certified™ Company. We use business as a force for good in the world. Our accreditation aligns us with other like-minded companies globally. 


Diet food by good food for good

It started with two questions: How to make healthy food taste great and how can it change the world? 


Richa Gupta, Good Food For Good
It all started when Richa, found it challenging to feed her family good food on busy nights. While growing up in India, she was used to eating fresh home cooked food. When she became a mother and her job as a marketing executive became busy she found it challenging to find prepared shortcuts that met her expectations in terms of ingredients and taste. She grew frustrated with all the compromises she was expected to make for convenience.
I grew up in a family where my mum cooked fresh food, three times a day. So even just grabbing a pizza for dinner, as a working mom, I had so much guilt over not being able to cook healthy food for my kids. Anything that my mother did for me was the best that I wanted to do for my own child.
Driven to make a difference through food, Richa launched Good Food for Good. For her this was an answer to her quest to finding her purpose. She struggled for years contemplating her purpose in life, this idea of making a difference in lives through good food was exciting and fulfilling. Richa’s ardent belief in the power of real whole food and love for cooking delicious food made it easy for her to develop food that is loaded with nutrients of whole foods and a delightful flavor making it easy for people to live healthier lives. 
She is actively working on reaching her goal of feeding ONE MILLION by 2020.


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