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When love for great taste meets the quest for clean ingredients & giving back to the world.


At Good Food for Good, our products are certified organic and free of refined sugar, soy, corn syrup, gluten, dairy, or preservatives. Basically, if you wouldn’t add it when cooking from scratch, you won’t find it in our products. Unlike most store-bought sauces you can find, we don’t believe in relying on sugar and artificial additives for flavor. All of our organic sauces are Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and Whole30 Approved, because putting your health first should not have to mean sticking to bland, sauce-less meals.

Did you know that by shopping with us, you can also make a positive impact on the world? Every time you buy one of our products, we donate a meal to someone in need. We are a Buy One, Feed One venture on a mission to make the world a better place for all. Together, we have donated over 900,000 meals through partnerships with food banks & nonprofit organisations across the US, Canada and India. As a B Corp Certified™ Company, we proudly use business as a force for good in the world.

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Before there was Good Food For Good, there was just one woman on a quest. The journey of a lifetime began with one simple question – how do you make eating healthy easy and delicious while making a difference in the world?

Richa Gupta, Founder, Good Food For Good


Our founder, Richa, was born and raised in India. She grew up eating fresh home-cooked meals every night, a blessing she often took for granted. As an adult, Richa strived to cook the same kind of wholesome, hearty meals she grew up on, but the lack of options that were both convenient and nutritious made it increasingly difficult to eat healthy on busy nights. After becoming a mother, Richa knew there was something she needed to do to make a change. How could people be expected to compromise health for convenience?

"I grew up in a family where my mum cooked fresh food three times a day. So, even just grabbing a pizza for dinner, as a working mom, I had so much guilt over not being able to cook healthy food for my kids. Anything that my mother did for me was the best that I wanted to do for my own child."

Driven by her growing desire to make a difference in the world through food, Richa launched Good Food For Good. Richa’s fierce belief in the power of real, whole food and her love for cooking empowered her to create food products that were both nutritious and delicious. No longer would people have to sacrifice their health for the sake of convenience: They could have both.  

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