Mom-Tested Tips for Cutting Out Sugar Intake

If you are a parent, you may be thinking of how you can implement these tips and tricks into your children’s lives. Kelly Carter shares 3 tips for you to help you decrease sugar in your children’s diet. 

“The number one thing I feel like you need when you’re feeding your child is patience.” – Kelly Carter 

1/ Be Intentional with your food presentation 

Children generally eat with their eyes and don’t like harsh tastes and smells. This can be difficult to navigate. Kelly Carter suggests trying out fun colours and different shapes to peak your child’s interest. When introducing new food textures, try giving your child a few pieces and letting them play with it a bit first so that they are able to understand the food better and are more comfortable with it. 

“When you are first trying out foods on children, try to give it as many variations as possible.” – Kelly Carter 

Through variation in your meals, your child is able to choose which foods appeal most to them. For example, try playing around with the way you cut up your fruits and vegetables and pay attention to whether your child is gravitating towards raw or cooked vegetables. 

2/ Lead by example 

“You are the biggest role model in your kids’ life.” – Kelly Carter 

Your children are constantly looking up to you as parents. It is important that you are taking care of your health and making healthy food choices to allow your children to follow your lead. 

Kelly suggests having your children involved with the cooking process when possible! This will allow them to be more engaged and excited with the process and grasp a greater understanding of meal preparation, food and its textures. 

3/ Knowledge is power 

“When you start understanding where the sugar is coming from, you can start having healthier products in the house and you won’t be as nervous feeding your kids,” according to Kelly. 

The more you know about sugar, the easier it will be for you to cut down on sugar in your children’s lives. By learning more about sugar and the foods that you are consuming, you will be able to put strategies in place to cut back on sugar and control your child’s sugar consumption. Growing up in the kitchen can really foster a child’s positive relationship with food.


About Kelly Carter 

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