Good Food For Good crew celebrates Whole Foods US launch

By Good Food For Good Editors

Here’s what everyone at Good Food For Good HQ is cooking to celebrate the launch of our organic sauces at the Whole Foods US. Read on to see their top picks of favourite recipes to make with our organic sauces. We promise, these recipes are super easy to cook! Now, you can find our sauces at a Whole Foods store near you from coast to coast in US & Canada.  



My Pick: Vegan Butter Chicken Sauce

My Fav Whole Foods Brand: Beyond Burger

"When it comes to food, I am always on the hunt to try something different and better. Good Food For Good organic butter chicken sauce is my go-to sauce as it's one of the best ways to have my most favourite flavor without piling on the calories. I am trying to eat more plant-based food, and my Whole Foods shopping is not complete without Beyond Burger patties. They have a great texture which complements our vegan sauces. It also has a slight lamb-like flavor, which lends itself perfectly to the butter chicken curry." 

Aditi Chopra picks Whole Foods & Good Food For Good sauces
About Butter Chicken Sauce: Our organic butter chicken sauce is a crowd pleaser. Creamy, mild with loads of flavor, our fresh cooking sauce is bursting with aromas of cardamom, fenugreek and is creamed with organic hemp seeds. This Indian cooking sauce is vegan-friendly and is so versatile you can add it to just about anything. So go ahead: Marinade, dip, pour - without any guilt. 

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My Pick: Vegan Tikka Masala Sauce

My Fav Whole Foods Brand: Food For Life

"As a vegan that loves to cook, I typically make everything from scratch from sauces to bread. I don't like to compromise on ingredients or taste. However, when I first tried Good Food For Good's organic Tikka Masala sauce to make my weekly go-to, Chana Masala, I was blown away by how authentic it tasted! Now I use it whenever I can because I know it will taste just as good as when I make it and it is full of wholesome, clean ingredients that will nourish my body. My weekdays are getting busier, so I go to Whole Foods to fill my pantry with wholesome staples. Whenever I am there, I make sure to buy Food For Life's whole grain pocket wraps and Ezekiel buns. I love dipping these products in Good Food For Good sauces!"

Stephanie Tavares picks Whole Foods and Good Food For Good sauce
About Tikka Masala Sauce: Tangy, spicy and authentic. Inspired by northern Indian Cuisine, our fresh organic tikka masala sauce is dairy free and made with ripe tomatoes and wholesome spices and lime juice. Our Indian masala sauce goes great on vegetables, meats and lentils alike.

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My Pick: Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce

My Fav Whole Foods Brand: Upton's Shredded Jackfruit

"Good Food For Good's BBQ sauce has changed the BBQ game for me. I used to limit the amount of BBQ sauce I pour onto my food, since it's no secret they're filled with sugars. Now, I scrape all the sauce I can and lick my fingers confidently with Good Food For Good's BBQ sauce! They're sweetened only with dates, absolutely no refined sugars. I always pick up this BBQ sauce and Upton's Shredded Jackfruit on my Whole Foods runs. The jackfruit is a great plant-based alternative for my tacos and sloppy joes. Just mix these two together and voila—you've got a quick sloppy joe filling in minutes. I get excited just thinking about this duo!" 

Kaira Santos picks Good Food For Good and Whole Foods brand


About Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce: Good Food For Good's Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce is the boss! It's got everything you want in a your sauce: sweetness, spice and bold flavor without any added sugar. It will blow your mind! 

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