How to be healthy - 5 tips from our founder

I prioritized these 5 things in my life to be healthy. They are super simple and mostly free. You just need to prioritize them.

Health is Wealth!

1. Hydration: Our bodies are mostly water (75%) and yet most of us don’t drink enough. I drink water or herbal tea all day long to stay hydrated. In fact on days when I am driving around and don't drink enough water, I start to get brain fog in the afternoon. 

2. Good Food: I made eating and more importantly cooking a priority. More organic, more plants and more variety. When you fill your plate with good there is very little room for the rest.

3. Good Mood: We don’t only consume with our mouth, we also consume with our eyes. I made my mental health a priority, by not letting every information I see stimulate me.

4. Fresh Air: I am fortunate to be in a country where air is clean, I prioritized spending some time outside daily, no matter what the weather is. 

5. Movement: I made moving daily a priority, weather it’s a walk, yoga, zumba or a HIIT workout. Something, however little it might be.

So remember...

Health doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

Health is wealth, so make it a priority

Let me know how I can make it easy for you to make your health a priority?

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