Pappardelle with Creamy Bolognese

Delicious plant based creamy pappardelle is perfect for any night. Ready in 15 minutes this dish is loaded with 5g of plant based protein from the sauce and 8g of protein from the pasta per serving. Pair it with a nice salad and you have a delicious plant based dinner.


  • Cook pappardelle as per package instructions
  • Simmer the creamy Bolognese
  • Toss the pasta in the sauce and serve.


Why use Good Food For Good Creamy Bolognese? Its loaded with benefits of pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds are a nutrition powerhouse and we nearly don’t get enough of this superfood. They are rich in Zinc, protein, fiber and fatty acids.

+ 100% Organic

+ 4-5g of plant based protein per serving same as meat based sauces

+ 0g Cholesterol

+ No Added Sugar

+ Made in Canada

+ Registered B Corp with a Buy One Feed One mission

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